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History of Bread & Wine Company

Cooperage is one of the oldest professions in the world. The oak barrel was the key packaging system used in the middle ages in Europe. Most food products were stored and preserved in oak barrels such as salt, meat, fish, wheat and wine and vodka. Barrels were made to be used as amphora preserving wine and food for the Middle Age Greeks.

Goods were floated by barge down the Wistuia River in Poland to the Port of Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisla (where our company head office is), and then on to Gdansk. Oak barrels were sent from there to London, Amsterdam and the rest of the world.

British Navy shipyards used oak to build their vessels and oak was the predominant construction material used in Middle Age Europe at the time. In Poland we have the oldest oak forest in Europe, and one of the trees is named Bartek which is 700 years old and is a symbol of Poland.

In the Bailowiza forest , a Bison area where Polish kings used to hunt, oak forests were planted 900 years ago. The guarantee of quality in the production of our oak barrels is a tradition of Polish cooperages. The barrels are toasted with oak and extra aromas and flavours are added from secrets of the forest.